Wednesday, January 20, 2021

 2021 Economic Crash

Bill Weather

Prophecy from 2018, foretold a 2nd crash would occur. We saw the 1st crash in March of 2020, from covid, even to the exact day prophesied. Now we watch for the 2nd crash that was prophesied in the Titan Swords dream and the Burnt Out Service dream. We are looking to April for the crash based on 3 different prophetic sources as well as rumor in the military intel world. Those 3 prophetic sources are Dana Coverstone's Passover warning dream, an online friend, Scott Block's dreams, posted at end times investing facebook group, and 2 dreams I had back in 2018. This is plenty of confirmation to be on watch for the crash for this Passover/April....

2/14/21 edit - found a 4th confirming testimony to this Spring here from youtube.

While most of what I had was for the 1st crash, fulfilled in the covid 19 crash, here is a detailed analysis of the two dreams I had in 2018, indicating even a time to watch for the 2nd crash (all of these crash dreams are here, from 2018). Original post italicized.

4-8-18 dream - The Titan Swords
    Dreamt I was at a sporting event. Miles Monhollen was the host. He was wearing an Eagles hat and jersey making a winner announcement of some sort. I stood in front of him, hoping he'd recognize my eagles hat I was wearing, but he didnt. Then I unzipped 2 jackets and underneath both, we're the Titans sword emblem. Then Miles came down off a podium, looking discouraged.

    We are presently in an Eagle economy (flying high and green, like the color of the Phila. Eagles). Then the 2 Titan Sword emblems representing 2 swords that are coming to us, 2 events that are going to stab this nation, like a sword. It may be that Miles Monhollen, represents the letter M, showing a pattern in the economy or stock market, in the 2 swords.

2/09/21 edit - I'm now on watch for close to Passover for the 2nd sword to hit. This will crash the stock market and there will be riots and martial law in some places.  Why Passover? This next dream indicates the timing to watch for.

6/4/18 Burnt Out Service  (update edit 2/9/21 below and in BLUE)

    Dreamt I was at an address 2101/2103, which also was a timeline, and there were a bunch of wires in between that were disconnected but together, ready to arc and create trouble when a wind would arise (economic vulnerability). 
    At the same time, a lady at one of the houses was in an emergency situation dying and everyone in the neighborhood was troubled. She was at 2103 (03/21) . Before this, I was in charge of some kind of apprenticeship training school and was a senior leader and saw a former classmate and invited him into the class. I was telling the students of fixing a commercial service that had burnt out and they didn't think the school would let us fix the service but informed them of several works done last year, with Another contractor, as I saw his service truck drove off in the street. That's when I saw the trouble with the wires at 2101-03. 
    Also, I was counselling someone, Phil Lovette, on how we must keep positive or we will loose our shield of faith with negative thoughts, which becomes a chemical change in our cells and can create depression or anxiety. 
    Then I grabbed some snack food, as Phil went away to tell others briefly then came back. A reminder to keep my faith up, stay positive. 2101-2103, 2 years between? Keep working, the wind is coming to wreck havoc on the service.... a lady dying (the economy) is going to upset alot of people as the trouble strikes. 

    It's 9:33 (911 +22) Troubling events -  lady dying (economy). Address was also a timeline 2101-2103.... commercial service burn out, on economy... Arcing...any wind of tribulation will knock service out easy. Grounds and neutrals were in a big ball, unspliced, just connected by touching without connector. 
    In the dream, was not concerned over lady dying (economy), was looking beyond that trouble to greater trouble with service wires being in great trouble. My students, in prophecy, didn't think work performed was permanent, only practiced, but I informed them it was permanent, meaning prophecy is coming to pass and will have permanent lasting impacts.
    Nov edit -  Phil Lovette, meaning a time of love to fill, needed, then my grabbing snack food, junk food economic time in between, then Phil coming back again, another time of love needing filled, thus Phil Lovette, to fill with love..... 2020 has been like this, the covid crash 1st time of love needing filled, I await to see the 2nd time of trouble coming, needing to be filled with love.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter 
but the honor of kings to search it out
Proverbs 25:2

2/9/21 edit - With further light from above, I now see the address 2101 - 2103 is meant for Jan-March 2021, 01-21 to 03-21 is 2101-2103, a time of right before we see huge change and a death of what we know to be the present system or economy, the lady dying. There are under cover military works we are told that are under way to drain the swamp. I'm on watch with this new intel for close to Passover. 

This January into March time indicated by the address in the dream, seems to point to a time of tremendous economic trouble coming. Notice in this dream, the lady had not died yet, but was dying (representing the system/economy). Notice she was at 2103 (March 2021). Notice the service was still working (Jan-March), but was in an extremely vulnerable situation, with the wires just touching without being connected with a weld or connector. In the dream, I was shown any wind coming along would disconnect the economic service and great arcing or power outage would occur. The address of 2101-2103 I was at, was telling me what I believe to be a Jan into March time of right before we see that arcing or wind come to disconnect the economic service and down the economy goes again. 

The address I was at was across the street at 2102, representing 02/21, which is now. This indicates that is the time, now, I would begin to see all this unfold. Until at that address, 02/21, I couldn't see the fullness of what this dream was about, even though I published this dream in an early version of my book without fully understanding it. Now it's revealed.

Once that Jan into March time would expire, we would then witness the grand change to come and the 2nd sword to the economy, which by this dream, indicates 2103 (March '21) , it would begin.

I watch and wait to see, this 11th day of February, 2021, these 2 dreams fulfilling.

Me in this dream, reminding my students of a work that was done last year is me reminding people that last year, God did an amazing thing, giving me the exact date of the 2020 crash and that the work we were doing in installing a new service, would have permanent lasting impact. It wouldn’t be just a lesson or practice, but a reality. The commercial service burnt out is the economy that will need to be fixed and changed out, not just a temporary fix.

This I believe is the true interpretation to this dream and is the only way it makes sense. Given this greater understanding in interpretation in phases is not something people pay attention to, but as the scriptures say, “we know in part and we prophesy in part.” Now that a more fuller picture is given, let us pray and watch and not be easily moved when the troubles begin.